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April 25, 2016



The Trigger Project is meant to be a resource for theatergoers who appreciate a heads-up. Understandably, productions want to protect the work– the twists, the stolen kisses, the fights, the cliffhangers – but sometimes, in order to fully enjoy a piece of art, a clue into potentially sensitive material within a piece goes further than the collective *Gasp* from the audience you partake in when Juliet dies at the end. (Hopefully, that wasn’t a spoiler. That’s Shakespeare, maybe you’ve heard of him?) We at Stage & Candor want you to feel comfortable and confident going into a production and give you the information and tools you need to make sure caring for yourself and being an audience member are not mutually exclusive. So be forewarned, there are so many spoilers ahead. Spoilers abound. We can’t say SPOILERS enough times to let you know that if you want to stay in the dark about the plot, this is not the page for you. If you’d like to continue, scroll down.

We are of the firm belief that many members of the Stage & Candor team possess super powers, but alas (poor Yorick, ha!) omnipresence was not one of them. We can’t see every show! If you have seen a production and would like to submit a trigger warning to be posted on this resource page, email tips to


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New York – Broadway


Show Theater Genre Trigger
Aubergine Playwrights Horizons Play Death of a parent
Beautiful Sondheim Musical Discussion of domestic abuse
Book of Mormon O’Neil Musical Depiction of violence; Reference to genital mutilation
Chicago Ambassador Musical Revival Gunshots; Depiction of violence against women
Fun Home Circle in the Square Musical Discussion and imagery of suicide
Hamilton Richard Rodgers Musical Depictions of war; Violence
Les Miserables Imperial Musical Revival War; Gun Violence; Violence against women; Sexual assault
Matilda Shubert Musical Depiction of child neglect
Phantom of the Opera Circle in the Square Musical Discussion and imagery of suicide
The Color Purple Jacobs Musical Revival Depiction and discussion of domestic abuse and child abuse; Discussion of sexual assault
The Crucible Walter Kerr Play Revival Witchcraft; Torture; Excessive loud noise, screaming, etc.
The Humans Schoenfeld Play New York-based story with reference to 9/11/2001
The Lion King Minskoff Musical Depicts parental death, violence
Waitress Brooks Atkinson Musical Depicts domestic abuse

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