Stage & Candor



Stage & Candor is on a mission: to put ourselves out of business. We dream of a world with an even playing field, in which the conversation about equity is long since solved.

We aim to create a path to that world, to empower change-making through access to information, conversation, and community building. An online publication created to increase representation and accessibility in the performing arts, Stage & Candor will provide a platform for art-makers, art-seers, and art-supporters to address issues of equity and intersectional inclusion. In making a space for conversation, we seek to build awareness of stories of parity, empathy, justice, and the threads that connect them.




Founder, Executive Director
Michelle Tse

Managing Editor, Chicago
Kelly Wallace

Art Director
Emma Pratte

Copy Editors
Carla Duval
Emily Bower

Contributing Artists
Olivia Cook
Amanda Tralle
Alexis Zambrano

Contributing Photographer
Nydia Hartono

Contributing Writers
Alicia Carroll, Esther Cohen, Rachel Griffin, Deepali Gupta, Ann Harada, Darrel Alejandro Holnes, Timothy Huang, Margarita Javier, Christine Toy Johnson, Lissa Levin, Gennie Neuman Lambert, Pooya Mohseni, Marsha Norman, Emily Faye Oakley, Gina Rattan, Shea Renne, Liz Richards, Corey Ruzicano, Helen Schultz, Georgia Stitt, Jenny Yang.